Tax on Disposable Plastic Bags (Green Fee)

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  • Draft Provincial Ordinance No. 2008-10-074
  • “An Ordinance establishing an Advanced Recovery Fee (Green Fee) for Disposable Plastic Bags and for other purposes”
  • Filed on 21 October 2008
  • Status: Pending with the Committee on Environment and Ways & Means
  • DPO_2008-10-074

Airsoft Gun Registration

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  • Provincial Ordinance No. 37-2008
  • “An Ordinance Regualting the Registration and Use of Airsoft Guns in the Province of Ilocos Norte and Prescribing Penalties for Violation Thereof”
  • Filed on July 2008
  • Status: Approved
  • DPO_2008-07-064

Ilocos Norte Consumer Welfare and Protection Center

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  • Draft Provincial Ordinance No. 2008-01-035
  • “An Ordinance Creating the Ilocos Norte Consumer Welfare and Protection Center, Establishing its Management Team, Providing Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes”
  • Filed on: 30 January 2008
  • Status: Pending with the Committee on Laws
  • DPO_2008-01-035

Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe in School

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By: Anthony Rayan (
(1) Sign up for the mass notification for emergency information through sms, voice and email.
(2) Do not walk alone on the campus especially during late hours. Be in a group of friends. If you are arriving late, please call Security for escort from the Parking lot
(3) Know the emergency response plan for the school & read it.  YOU MUST KNOW THE FOLLOWING: Your Role, if you have undergone any training (CERT), and what your evacuation point is.
(4) Be aware of your surroundings of any suspicious activity.  Report suspicious persons. Report loiterers or suspicious persons in your building immediately to security or residential staff.

(5) Report theft of any incidents of theft should be reported immediately so an investigation can begin.  Always lock your doors & keep your room door locked at all times. Do not give out your room code or card to anyone. Close all external doors. Do not prop open the outside doors  to any buildings.   

(6) Attend College programs on self defense, sexual assault, date rapes, drugs, and alcohol awareness. 

(7) Fire Alarms and drills.  Know the Building exits of all the Classrooms and Dorms, and participate in drills.

(8) Earthquake Procedures.  Understand the ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ procedures.
(9)  Security programs.  Attend sessions on ID Thefts, Credit cards, securing personal items.
(10)  SHOOTER ON CAMPUS.  Understand the lock down procedures and your role.” 

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