No Earphones While Driving Ordinance

July 28, 2009 at 6:14 pm | Posted in Draft Ordinances, Ordinances | 5 Comments
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  • Draft Provincial Ordinance No. 2009-07-101
  • “An Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Earphones while Operating a Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle or Bicycle and for Other Purposes”
  • Filed on : 23 July 2009
  • Status : Referred to the Committee on Laws


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  1. this is unfair!

    dapat pati kotse na rin ah kasi kung distraction lang ang pinag uusapan, pareho lang ung naka ipod na nagmomotor at ung nakakotse na nagraradyo..

    laws should be applicable to everybody..

    pati yung mga problema nilang maiingay na tambutso ng motor,

    eh bakit yung mga kotse na naka muffler..?

    pareho lang silang maingay..

    un nga lang, hnd sinisita ung mga kotse kc mas malalaking mga bwaya ang nakasakay dun..!


    • Hi, Robert! I’m glad you posted your comment on the proposal. If you read closely, it applies to all drivers. Motor vehicles (which include cars, trucks and buses), motorcycles and bicycles. the draft ordinance is applicable to everyone.

      Hope that’s clarified.

  2. what about the tricycles or cars with loud boomboxes that even the rider is deafened by the sound? i mean no earphones is good, but is there a way to regulate the volume they apply on the radios in the vehicles?(i think there`s a law on the allowable decibel on this, under noise pollution but it is not implemented) kasla gamin pagpyestaan nokua.

    • You have a point. They are deafening and cause noise pollution but I foresee a difficulty in implementing a ban on boomboxes. At least sa earphones, madali lang. riders cannot wear them while driving.

      pagisipan ko yung boomboxes, marya.

  3. you`re right. medyo mahirap nga yang boomboxes na yan. i read in the P.D 856 about excessive noise but I dunno much about law. di ko pati nakita ang implementing rules and regulations nun.

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