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  • Office Address : 12 Hernando Ave., Laoag City, Ilocos Norte 2900
  • Office Tel. : +63 2 5024478
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  1. Kris,
    I happened to browse your page, as I was checking on some notable provincial legislations either drafted, passed or approved. I do so because I am a provincial board member also but I feel frustrated this early on in my career as one. Anyway, I want this message to reach you because I could sense that you are doing fine and good with your work. More power to you. I hope I could do the same great work you do for your province.


  2. Mr. Ablan, I will vote you for President, should you decide to run one day.

    More power.


  3. the site would be better if the the font size is increased a little more.

  4. In behalf of the Sociology majors at Mariano Marcos State University, and are currently taking up the course Sociology of Development.

    We are doing a study on the planned construction of a mall in downtown Laoag and its implications to development.

    We would like to ask questions in connection to this issue and take your side about the conservation and the relocation of the old buildings.

    We hope you do not mind us communicating with you through e-mail.

    Thank you.

  5. hi kris, i happened to browse ur’s nice. i admire ur effort. hope u publish more of your latest sponsored ordinaces and resolutions..

  6. Dear Sir,

    The LEAD Movement received your letter dated June 2, 2009. We are definitely supporting you in your effort to discourage the use of plastic bags. We will also be posting an awareness and support campaign for this ordinance you drafted.

    More power to pro-environment politicians like you.

    Thank you.

    Walang plastikan^_^

    • Thanks very much, LEAD! It was actually Louise, one of your members, who suggested I seek your org’s support since we share the same advocacy. I should’ve written you months ago!

  7. Hello, Sir Kris. So sorry I wasn’t able to attend the last public hearing re: plastic bags. I was in Manila for something very important, BTW, someone dropped a comment on LEAD Movement’s post, Walang Plastikan. I think you ought to read. I agree with him on some points… but, I guess, it is a good start… to create awareness.

    Thanks, Sir. You can count on us with your environment projects.

    • Thank you, Ms Tina! Will check your website for that post/comment.

  8. Sir Kris,
    What a nice site you have. I was surprised that you have this. Keep it up. I salute you. More power Sir!

  9. kris,
    i’m so proud of your accomplishments! if and when the time comes you decide to run for president, you got my support. i wish you success and happiness. AMDG.

  10. Hi. I just happen to visit your website and i thought i could comment on it regarding topics that has been posted in your site. I just went to the JOb Fair last week(NOV. 12) and found out that a lot of business establishments here in our province attended and look for potential employees. I was not able to submit my resume because it was such a long line and many people attended the job fair. I’m really disappointed that Companies from outside were not there. I was expecting big time BPO companies from Manila. When can we expect them because i am aware that some of these companies are looking for potential call center agents. I also notice that SITEl put up their training ground but why is it that they did not conduct job fair here this year. I only saw them last year. What happen?


    Laoag City, Ilocos NOrte

    • Hi, Nadz! Sayang hindi ka naka-submit ng resume mo, kasi even if wala yung big time BPO companies dun, malalagay yung file mo sa JobsDB database, which has 9,000 employers.

      In fairness to you, pati yung 100 butcher scholars namin na pumunta nadismaya kasi wala ni isang slaughterhouse na employer. But I told them what I just told you, at least andun na names nila sa database. Pag may slaughterhouse na employer na nangangailangan ng butcher, i-co-contact na sila.

      I also wondered about SITEL. They came to the capitol last year and told us they were going to hire call center agents, pero I haven’t met anyone who has been hired. I’ll go ask around and get back to you.

      Anyway, if you really want to a job at a BPO, I learned from Venvi Corporation, after the construction of the Robinsons Mall, the next project will be a BPO center. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


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